Our name, Goenka India, is symbolic of rare and refined jewellery. Our jewels reflect poetic opulence and our gemstones reflect rare depth. A mere glance is enough to fathom the wide chasm between our creations and those elsewhere

Goenka India, believes in creating an indelible impact on your soul, with our one of a kind, immensely precious & ornate pieces.

Our legacy, is the trust & authenticity that our clients have for us.

Each piece from Goenka India, is designed to be passed down the generations as a heirloom piece. The first step in the creation of Goenka India's jewellery is surreal visualisation.

While we feel, sense & experience each design at its conception, our brilliant 'age-old karigars' combine global structured engineering with their hand honed craft, to make them a reality.

So enter the world of Goenka India to discover extraordinary jewellery, sculpted from our most treasured diamonds and gemstones which are one-of-a-kind timepieces of extraordinary beauty and fascination